Applications for the Fall 2021 Grant Cycle are due by 11:55pm Pacific Time, October 15, 2021 for calendar year 2023 performances.


New Website Help Page

Welcome to our fully upgraded new website. With so many changes, initially it may confuse you a little. The changes are not just cosmetic. The main purpose of this revised website is to better guide and help applicants to prepare the pertinent information in concise form and enter into pre-formatted data entry boxes. Our hope is this new format will make it easier and more efficient in submitting your application.




To maintain privacy of our qualified applicants and to prevent intrusions by non-members, you must first LOGIN by providing the following information:

  1. ACCESS CODE --- If your organization is qualified to submit a grant application, at least one of two registered contact persons should have received the ACCESS CODE to this website. However, if all of the past contact persons have left your organization without passing on the ACCES CODE, we understand that the new grant manager may not know anything about the ACCESS CODE. If your organization meets the stated guidelines and cannot find the ACCESS CODE, please contact us by email. Be sure to include your name, email address and Federal Tax ID number in the communication to us.
  2. Tax ID --- Our data base is organized under the Federal Tax ID number and no data base can be located without this number. Enter the nine digit number without “ – ”.
  3. Last Name --- Enter the last name of any registered contact person. If you know the name, use any one of the registered contact person’s last name, even if that person is no longer with the organization. In this case, however, please update the organization’s profile upon log-in.

Edit Profile

Any information in the organization profile can be changed, except for the Federal Tax ID number.

We strongly encourage you to enter secondary contact person’s information; however, if no such individual is available in your organization, this section can be kept blank.

Be sure to “Submit” the updated information. Until submit button is pressed, our data base will not be updated. After submitting the updates, it is a good idea to review your updated profile by going back into EDIT PROFILE. 

One new information you must provide before submitting the edited profile is "Year when recognized as 501c organization". If you do not know the exact year, enter the last year when IRS sent your organization the letter of determination recognizing your organization as 501C status.

Grant Application

Welcome to The E. Nakamichi Foundation grant application website. We hope this new format will help you in better preparing your application with the pertinent information in a concise format.

When you open APPLAY FOR GRANT page, the name and address of your organization are automatically displayed. If any change in the name or address is necessary, close this page and go to EDIT PROFILE page. Make any necessary changes and come back to APPLAY FOR GRANT page.

By following the guidelines below, complete your grant application.

  1. Required field --- All data entry fields that are marked by * must be answered. Otherwise, your application will not be accepted. Those data fields that are not marked by * can be left blank.
  2. SAVE Button --- If you are interrupted while filling in the application or not sure with the information you just entered, you can simply save the information you have so far entered. However, be sure to come back and SUBMIT the application. We will not process SAVED application.
  3. SUBMIT Button --- Once you are certain of the information you entered, press SUBMIT button to send the application to our web file. You must SUBMIT your application before the deadline (October 15 for fall and March 15 for spring). If not submitted, the saved application will not be processed.
    Must be very careful to enter all * required items, otherwise the application will not be submitted. When the application is submitted properly, you will see a NOTICE saying the application has been submitted. If you do not get this message, some required item(s) is still missing.
  4. Select Contact Person --- Either primary or secondary contact person can submit the grant application. Select your last name by choosing either PRIMARY or SECONDARY from the dropdown box. If any organization profile information displayed up to this point is incorrect or any box is empty, please go back to EDIT PROFILE and update your organization profile. Be sure to enter TITLE of both primary and secondary contact persons; this will help us properly addressing the individuals we will be communicating with.
  5. Grant Amount --- Specify the dollar amount you are requesting.
  6. Summary of Proposed Project --- Please enter a one or two paragraph summary of your project. This field can accept up to 600 characters, but please keep it as short as possible.
  7. # of Audience Members Expected --- Enter estimated number of attending audience members for the total performances that will be covered by this application.
  8. Average Ticket Price --- It is a calculated estimate of the average ticket price (Total ticket revenue divided by number of expected audiences, including nonpaying audience).
  9. Total Expected Revenue --- This is the total amount of revenue used in your budgeting process and it can include ticket sales, donations, allocation from endowment, advertising income, etc.
  10. Required Income item --- Expected ticket sales amount is the only required item. Other income items could be omitted.
  11. Required Expense items --- The artist expenses, G & A expenses, and total budget amount are required. All other items can be left blank.
  12. How the foundation will be recognized --- Give a short description of how the foundation will be recognized should the application is accepted and the performance is completed.
  13. Description of Project --- If you wish to expand on Summary of Proposed Project, you may add more detailed descriptions of the project. However, if the Summary section gives enough descriptions of the project, simply state “See Summary section”.
  14. Website URL --- If a specific website is set up for the performances covered by this grant application, please enter the URL for that site. If no specific website is set up for the performance, enter URL for the general website of your organization.
  15. Performance Date & Venue --- Specify each performance date that will be covered by this application. If there are more than six days of performances, enter the first six days. If the application is submitted during the spring grant cycle, the performance should be in the following calendar year (example: Apply for Fall 2021 cycle, performance should be in 2023. If applying in Spring 2022, performance should be in calendar year 2024)
  16. Pieces to be performed --- Describe the major pieces to be performed in each performance date.
  17. Status of Date and Program Information --- Select from the dropdown box the current status of your project. If it is tentative, be sure to send us email describing any major changes to the program.

Date of Grant*: The foundation operates on a calendar year budget and generally speaking all applications are accepted with assumption that the fund will be dispensed on or before the date you enter as Date of Grant. For this reason, you can request a funding for the performances that will take place up to 90 days prior to January 1 of a given calendar year and specify January 1, 20xx as the Date of Grant. On the other hand, you cannot request a funding for December 31 performance and expect to be paid on the same day; thus, if you specify funding date which is close to December 31, be sure to give enough time between the performance date and the funding date to mail in the necessary material to request the payment.

Other Important Information

  1. Grant Payment --- The Foundation will send the check for the agreed amount upon the receipt of the performance program material. It may take as much as two weeks before the check is actually mailed out. If the payment must be made immediately, please let us know by phone call, email or both.  
  2. Submission of Final Report --- Within 90 days of completing the last performance that is covered by the application, a final report must be submitted. If we do not receive the final report in a timely manner, the organization may be disqualified for receiving grant from us in the future.
  3. Email the final report to --- If you already have the email address to the executive staff of the Foundation, you may continue to communicate directly. And, if you are one of the qualified applicants with ACCESS CODE, you can request direct email addresses via. CONTACT email available in this website.
E. Nakamichi Foundation