About The E Nakamichi Foundation

The E. Nakamichi Foundation was established by the will of its late founder, Etsuro Nakamichi. The Foundation is dedicated to the promotion and encouragement of classical music that is not generally available to the public on a commercial basis.

History of the Foundation

Shortly after the passing of Mr. Etsuro Nakamichi on November 10, 1982, the E. Nakamichi Foundation was funded by a cash contribution of $80,837 and common stock of Nakamichi Corporation. The common stock was valued at $5,182,461 in the Japanese over-the-counter market at that time. The founding of a California non-profit organization of this magnitude by a Japanese citizen was unprecedented. For this reason, it took approximately three years to receive proper tax clearance from Japanese tax authorities. Upon receipt of tax clearance, the Foundation began its operation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on February 7, 1985. The Foundation made its first grant in 1986. Since then the Foundation has awarded grants in an aggregate amount of over $14 million. 

Officers of the E. Nakamichi Foundation

President: Dr. Gayle Yamazaki

Executive Director: Ms. Carolyn Yamazaki, Esq

Chief Technology Officer:  Ms. Diane Capoyianes


Mailing Address:

E. Nakamichi Foundation
10736 Jefferson Blvd. PMB 523
Culver City, CA 90230

E. Nakamichi Foundation